Practical Training

Practical training is given to officers on aspects such as :-

(1) Framing of Issues,
(2) Framing of Charges,
(3) Test Identification Parade,
(4) Writing of Interim Orders,
(5) Writing of Bail Orders,
(6) Judgment Writing – Civil and Criminal
(7) Computer Training etc.

Academic Quiz is conducted by the President and members of the Board of Governors of the SJA.

Another feature of the training given to the judicial officers of the State is questionnaire sessions. The judicial officers are asked to send questions to the Director of the Academy on serious and interesting legal issues which vexed them during the course of their judicial work or otherwise along with their own answers. These questions and answers are to be considered by the judicial academy in its research wing which will find out the correct answers to the questions asked. These questions are to be discussed during the questionnaire sessions.


Practical Training