In-Service Training

For the Judicial Officers

who are already members of the judicial service. As the total strength of the judiciary in the State is not much, the training to be given to the judicial officers will be State level training on second Saturdays. This training programme will consist of lecture classes on topics of every application in Court rooms such as (a) the Civil Procedure Code, (b) the Evidence Act, (c) the Transfer of Property Act, (d) the Contract Act, (e) the Specific Relief Act, (f) the Indian Succession Act, (g) personal laws, (h) the Family Court Act, (i) the Limitation Act, (j) partnership and partition laws and licence etc.

Other Statutes and Old Laws

Other statutes and old laws of Sikkim which are applicable in the State of Sikkim such as:

(A) Property Laws

(1) Notice dated 2nd January 1897 relating to transfer of land by Bhutias and Lepchas.
(2) Sikkim Darbar Gazette Vol. XVIII No. 11 dated 21st April, 1969 Right of a woman to purchase or sell land after her marriage vis-à-vis Revenue Order No. 1 of 1917.
(3) Office Order No. 105/L.R. dated 25th February, 1961.

(B) Registration Laws

(1) Sikkim State Registration of Document Rules, 1930.

(C) House Rent & Eviction Laws

(1) Notification No. 6326-600/H&W-B dated 14.04.1949 Regulation of Letting and Sub- letting of Premises etc. (Health & Works Department).
(2) Gangtok Rent Control & Eviction Act (1 of 1956) dated 31st May, 1956.
(3) The Sikkim Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants and Rent Recovery) Act, 1980.

(D) Land Laws

(1) The Sikkim Cultivators Protection Act, 1985.
(2) The Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land Act, 2005.

(E) Adoption Laws

Notification No. 2341-4/G dated 17th June, 1930 (Regarding Adoption of Heir).

(F) Civil Courts Act

Sikkim Civil Courts Act, 1978.

(G) Municipal Laws

(1) Sikkim Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1983.
(2) Sikkim Allotment of House Sites and Construction of Buildings (Regulation and Control) Act, 1985.

(H) Interpretation and General Clauses Act

Sikkim Interpretation and General Clauses Act, 1978.

(I) Other Local Laws

The Sikkim Anti Drugs Act, 2006.

(J) Notification on Issuance of Certificate of Identification

Notification No. 66/Home/95 dated 2nd November, 1995.

Criminal Law

(a) IPC, (b) Cr.P.C., (c) Other Penal statutes of every day application, (d) Classes on Constitution of India, (d) Court management and ethics (legality and morality in personal and Judicial life, judgment writing and sentencing policy), (e) Cyber Crime and Cyber Forensic, (f) English Grammer, (g) Crime investigation and police records, (h) Service rule and disciplinary proceedings etc.


In-Service Training

Other Statutes and Old Laws

Criminal Law