Activities at Sikkim Judicial Academy

As the SJA is also catering to novice lawyers and law students also apart from the judicial officers of the State, it will offer the following courses for the novice lawyers and law students:-

(i) Introductory Lecture on the greatness and nobility of the legal profession;

(ii) Lectures on Advocacy;

(iii) The equipment of the lawyers with special emphasis on the 7 (seven) lamps of Advocacy, e.g. honesty, courage, industry, wit, eloquence, judgment and fellowship.

(iv) Professional ethics including court room manners and language;

(v) Meetings and dealings with the clients; and

(vi) Preparation of a case-drafting of pleading, examination of witnesses, professional conduct, duty to the litigants, duty to the clients, duty to the Court, duty to the witnesses, duty to the public and the State, duty to lawyer himself and of topics of relevance in the context of the hoary traditions of the Bar as an equal partner of the Judges in the administration of justice.

(vii) Academic Quiz competitions to be conducted by the Members of the Board of Governors or the visiting faculty or the Director.


Activities at Sikkim Judicial Academy