Sikkim Judicial Academy (SJA)

The principal aim of the Sikkim Judicial Academy (SJA) like State Judicial Academies elsewhere in the Country is to impart training on various aspects of judicial work to the judicial officers of the State so that all of them achieve excellence in the work and become capable of rendering of quality justice in the causes which come before them for adjudication. However, considering the peculiar circumstances prevailing in Sikkim, the object of setting up the Academy was to impart training not only to the Judicial Officers but also to the civil servants, police force, public prosecutors and the members of the bar, particularly, fresh entrants in the procession and its novice members. The benefits of the Academy would also be extended to final year law students of the Government College and Universities in Sikkim, who are keen on joining the Bar or Judicial Service upon their graduation.


(i) To develop and deliver educational programmes in order to make them available to the judiciary and the legal fraternity in the Sikkim State as widely as possible;

(ii) To keep the judiciary informed about the new legislation and other developments of particular interest to the judiciary and to develop programmes like study courses, conferences and seminars etc. to achieve this aim;

(iii) To provide continued legal education to judicial officers and also to those novice members of the Bar who are determined to become members of the Bar or prospective judicial officers. Courses may also be held for Public Prosecutors, Police Officers, Members of the Civil Administration and Probationary Officers of the Indian Forest Services as and when required/requested.

Facilities at Academy

The facilities which are available in the present building of the SJA are as follows:-

(i) Chamber for the President:
There is a well-furnished chamber for the President of the SJA. The Board of Governors of the Academy meets in the President’s Chamber. Hon’ble Judges and other delegates visiting the Academy are received in the Chamber.

(ii) Training Hall:
The main training hall of the Academy has the facility of sitting capacity for 46 persons. It is well-furnished.

(iii) Director’s Room:
The Director is provided with a well-furnished room in the Academy building.
(iv) Addl. Director’s Room:
The Director is provided with a well-furnished room in the Academy building.
(v) Library:
The High Court library is the Academy’s library for the time being.


Sikkim Judicial Academy


Facilities at Academy